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I'm not an arrogant guy but....

Please keep in mind that I have my own IT company and try to have some sort of social life! so I'm very busy :-).

I receive a lot of email and I have no time to answer them all, but I'll do my best, though it may take some time...., a week or so.


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Make sure you use the subject "Website Response" for faster response!

mail me at: b i n k @ b i n k . nu






I don't have time  for "just a chat"

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If you ask for warez, keys, cracks... I may block you if I'm in a bad mood

Don't just contact me to say "cool site" I really appreciate your visit and that you like it, but please email your comments

I have more then 800 users in my allow list so it takes longer to log on!

Mail me why you want me on messenger. Don't just add me cause I don't want to add you to my allow list before knowing why, if you do I can only add or block you, and I'll block you then.

So send email 1st!