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My Messenger status is: (experimental)

Messenger 4.5, new build build 127 !!!

via Windows Update

get it at Microsoft for win9x, ME, 2k

XP: here

New! With Exchange Instant Messaging Server support get it here

All new emoticons:

To send this   Type one of the following
    Thumbs up (Y)  or  (y)
    Thumbs down (N)  or  (n)
    Beer mug (B)  or  (b)
    Martini glass (D)  or  (d)
    Girl (X)  or  (x)
    Boy (Z)  or  (z)
    Vampire bat :-[  or  :[
    Right hug (})
    Left hug ({)
    Smiley :-)  or  :)
    Open-mouthed smiley :-D  or  :d
    Smiley says O :-O  or  :o
    Smiley with tongue out :-P  or  :p
    Winking smiley ;-)  or  ;)
    Sad smiley :-(  or  :(
    Crooked smiley :-S  or  :s
    Stern smiley :-|  or  :|
    Crying smiley :'(
    Embarrassed smiley :$  or  :-$
    Smiley with sunglasses (H)  or  (h)
    Angry smiley :-@  or  :@
    Angel smiley (A)  or  (a)
    Devil smiley (6)
    Red heart (L)  or  (l)
    Broken heart (U)  or  (u)
    Red lips (K)  or  (k)
    Gift with bow (G)  or  (g)
    Red rose (F)  or  (f)
    Wilted rose (W)  or  (w)
    Camera (P)  or  (p)
    Film strip (~)
    Telephone receiver (T)  or  (t)
    Cat face (@)
    Dog's head (&)
    Coffee cup (C)  or  (c)
    Light bulb (I)  or  (i)
    Half-moon (S)
    Star (*)
    Musical eighth note (8)
    Envelope (E)  or  (e)
    Birthday cake (^)
    Clock (O)  or  (o)
    MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger icon (M)  or  (m)

Hidden Emoticons!!



Online Contacts
=Online =Away =Busy =Offline








Msn Messenger addon

° Mess with MSN Messenger skins-nicknames-bots-add-ons...°

MSNFanatic - Main


Wacky B...MSN Messenger Emoticons, Smileys, tips, tricks....

Trillian Multi Chatclient New Version

1. Use your own main email address, not

Note: If your MS mail address is your main email address, skip this tip.

When you install MSN Messenger it seems that you are forced to use your Microsoft email address (Hotmail). This is because Messenger searrhs for a MS Passport on your PC and uses that one to register MSN messenger. When you ever used an hotmail account in outlook express or in your browser this passport is present on your PC

To use your own email for MSN messenger go to and the site may recognize you by your passport on your PC.

Choose sign out and create a new passport with your own email address and password.

When your done sign in with your new passport! Now people will see your main email address in stead of hotmails'

Note: I think this will also work if you have an msn or email address

2. Display name

When you go to the options of MSN messenger you can choose the way people will see you in their buddy list.

A nickame or just your first name. I prefer full names so there can be no mistakes: sending sensitive messages to the wrong person!

Also you can put an icon(s) before, between or after your name. These icons are in the next tip (emoticons)

3. Get Messenger Plus!! New version released 1.41!

This is a cool free 3rd party add-on for messenger.
What can it do?


Get it here


4.    Emoticons (copied from msn help website Smiley

You can type certain characters in the instant message window that are converted to graphic images, called emoticons, once they are sent.

To send this Type one of the following     To send this Type one of the following
    Smiley :-)  or  :)       Camera (P)  or  (p)
    Open-mouthed smiley :-D  or  :D  or  :-d  or  :d  or  :->  or  :>       Beer mug (B)  or  (b)
    Smiley says O :-O  or  :o       Martini glass (D)  or  (d)
    Smiley with tongue out :-P  or  :p       Telephone receiver (T)  or  (t)
    Winking smiley ;-)  or  ;)       Cat face (@)
    Sad smiley :-(  or  :(  or  :-<  or  :<       Coffee cup (C)  or  (c)
    Crooked smiley :-S  or  :S  or  :-s  or  :s       Light bulb (I)  or  (i)
    Stern smiley :-|  or  :|       Hot sun (H)  or  (h)
    Thumbs up (Y)  or  (y)       Sleeping half-moon (S)  or  (s)
    Thumbs down (N)  or  (n)       Star (*)
    Red heart (L)  or  (l)       Musical eighth note (8)
    Broken heart (U)  or  (u)       E-mail (E)  or  (e)
    Red lips (K)  or  (k)       MSN Messenger Service icon (M)  or  (m)
    Gift with bow (G)  or  (g)       Vampire bat :-[  or  :[
    Red rose (F)  or  (f)       Boy (Z)  or  (z)
    Girl (X)  or  (x)    
Handcoffs (%) This is a hidden one!!    

To turn off the ability to type emoticons:

• On the Tools menu, click Options, and then on the Personal tab under My Message Text, clear the Show graphics (emoticons) in instant messages check box.
• In the instant message window on the Edit menu, click Show Emoticons to clear the check mark.

Got more tips or suggestions? mail me bink @, or find me on MSN messenger (same address)

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